Absence Notice Form

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  • Upon your return, please call the Reception Desk at x0 so the receptionist can remove you from the Away List; they will notify Security on your behalf. If it is after 9:00pm you will receive a call tree instead of the receptionist; please select the option for Security.
  • Please list the full names of anyone who is authorized to enter your home during your absence. Indicate, by choosing which items apply, who has been left with keys or emergency information. Be sure to let us know if anyone will be staying overnight.
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    While you’re away, security officers will perform periodic perimeter checks around the exterior of your home. Additionally, officers may enter your home to place a package inside. If your absence exceeds four days, they will also perform a Security Home Inspection on the interior of your home to check for signs of water, electrical, or structural issues. If we become aware of an emergency that could threaten the structure, Operations may enter your home to address the issue.