Emergency Preparedness and Response Overview

This Kya Section is intended to give you, a Panorama resident, an overview of emergency preparedness and response at Panorama and what you can do to prepare for an emergency.

Emergency preparedness and response at Panorama has two components: (1) the corporation’s Emergency Preparedness Plan and (2) Panorama resident volunteer organizations.

In an emergency, the corporation will do all it can to protect and support residents. Staff will continue to operate Assisted Living and the Convalescent & Rehabilitation Center. The corporation’s plan for Independent Living residents includes warming centers, transportation, social services, communications, limited food services, and emergency repairs.

Programs below are run by volunteers to augment the corporation’s emergency response.

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), Panorama’s Resident volunteer organization, recommends that all Independent Living residents be prepared to take care of themselves for two weeks.

The following pages/links explain how the Panorama emergency responses are organized.  You will see that many volunteers are prepared to assist residents.  There is also information about how each resident can be prepared for the recommended two weeks of self-support.

We urge you to familiarize yourself with the various emergency preparation and response programs. If you want to help with these preparations, volunteers are always welcome. Contact a program leader listed in Quick Overview – Preparing for Emergencies.

Quick Overview – Preparing for Emergencies

Quick Overview – Responding to Emergencies

Help and Information Contacts

SARA Emergency Alert System

Panorama Staff Emergency Response Structure & Protocol

Surviving the Unexpected

Emergency & Weather Relief Centers for Residents and Pets

Pet Emergency Preparedness

Leaving Campus Overnight During Emergencies

Prepare for Emergency Hospital Visits

Food from Seventeen51

Videos and Publications