Independent Living Services

Social Service Advisors

We are person-centered advocates provided to you at no-cost thanks to the generous sponsorship from Panorama’s Benevolent Fund. In some cases, aging presents changes and complexity that require skilled navigation of social, medical, financial and family systems. Emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of aging are considerations of equal importance to that of physical ones. Social Services hosts support groups to provide a safe space to learn, listen, and rejuvenate.

Social Service Advisors can assist with:

    • Newcomer visits to share information about Panorama’s services
    • Education on long term care at Panorama including Assisted Living, C&R, Home Care and Long Term Care policy review.
    • Transition assistance for assisted living or the C&R
    • Memorial Services
    • Support Groups
    • Aging, grief and loss
    • Referrals to agencies, programs and services
    • Resource library
    • Resident Emergency Information updates
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For housekeeping services available at Panorama, please contact x 7793 or

Extending Independence

ILS Nurse Marla LeFevre offers free in-home visits to talk about strategies for remaining independent, safe and healthy.

The nurse will work with you to:

      • Assess risk factors that may impact your health and safety. This may include fall risk, chronic disease, medication management, life satisfaction, activities of daily living, healthcare and social support. There is no physical exam.
      • Learn preventative strategies that are catered to your individual risk factor assessment.
      • Collaborate with care partners to minimize risk factors for life-changing health events, to provide support as needed (physical therapy, assisted devices, housekeeping/chore services, transportation, etc.), and to extend your independence.

All conversations are held in strict confidence. Contact with your healthcare team will only be made with your written permission and with the intention of working together to support your goals.

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