5. Leave the bags where you usually see snakes to keep them away. Organic Way to Repel Snakes. If snakes have overstayed their welcome in your yard and St. Patrick isn't on hand to drive them away with a wave of his shepherd's crook, all is not lost. These plants repels snakes from your garden Certain plants like marigold, wormwood, West Indian lemon grass, Sarpgandha and garlic are natural repellent against snakes. Worried of snakes? Also known as Cymbopogon citratus, West Indian Lemongrass works great as a natural snake repellent. Snakes will smell the hair and keep away. Basil. I know, I know, they are supposed to be good to have around. The scent of both the flowers and the foliage can make the snakes irritated. My husband is … To be quite frank with you, the answer is none. Snakes are not fans of marigolds. 13 Plants That Keep Away Spiders 1. Chives Today we will discuss plants that repel snakes away. Some would describe the drought-resistant flower's smell as musky and pungent.. 2. To do this, save the hair from your hairbrush and sprinkle it around the perimeter of your property. These 10 snake repelling plants are best to repel the snakes and keep your home safe. #gardeningtips #gardening #gardening101 #thatwowgarden #snakerepellingplants Rue plants will therefore be another good choice of plants that keep snakes away. Marigolds (Tagetes spp.) Garlic is thought to be one of the best plants to use to repel snakes. These plants have bitter tastes and strong smells that cause discomfort and disorientation to snakes when they slither over them. These include: Mother in laws tongue: the reason why the plant comes by this name is its sharp leaves, and it is believed that the snakes do not really like the appearance. Besides being a beautiful flower to have in your garden, marigold plant is also one of plants that repels snakes, when you crush its leaves. Use Lemongrass in Your Landscaping. You can repel spiders with the unique lemon scent of lemon thyme. He's ok now). 10 plants that repel snakes and other crawling reptiles. This snake repellant plant can survive droughts very well. Chickens, as well as guinea hens and turkeys, will attack and kill snakes that get into the coop. I looked online and couldn't find anything. Plant these snake repellant plants in your garden to keep the snakes away! Keep an eye on this plant too, as it can spread rapidly. What Plants Snakes Hate??? No, you don’t have to bring home a fox to keep snakes away, but the scent of a fox pee can actually threaten the snake of its biggest predator and make them move away from the threatened area. Thus, you should consider placing the pink agapanthus in and out of your house. In conclusion, no one plant will do the job of keeping snakes away all the time. Just the sight of this plant’s sharp leaves and striking appearance is actually said to frighten snakes away from the general vicinity where it grows. Keep Snakes Away with These Plants. Pour white vinegar around the perimeter of the pool. Soak rags in ammonia and place them in unsealed plastic bags. How to Keep Snakes Away. This spray is perfect for places like doorways, windowsills and crawlspace entrances. It keeps bugs like spiders away and attracts bees that help to pollinate surrounding plants. Make sure you actually have foxes in your area so that the snake is aware of the threat posed by them. How to repel snakes with plants. But Bridget, and many other snake catchers and experts across the country, are not convinced. A number of plants also supposedly keep snakes away, including Geraniums and various garlic plants. We are all aware that they are very cryptic creatures and dangerous indeed with … Snakes hate the smell of ammonia and won’t come near it. There are many spots where you will read that will claim that plants keep snakes away from your property. They absolutely assure you with scientific proof that this is a means you can use to successfully keep these reptiles away. They get rid of insects, rodents, and spiders. Believe it or not, snakes dislike humans just as much as we dislike them. Grow Tulbaghia violacea in well-drained, light, fertile soil under full sunlight. Don't worry, nothing strong enough to keep you out of your garden, just snakes and critters.. Are there plants that attract snakes (Our dog was bitten by a cottonmouth right near our back porch a couple of weeks ago. Indian Birthwort: The best snake repellent plant is Indian Birthwort which is called as Nagadamani in Sanskrit since it looks like a snake. To keep snakes out of your yard, it can be as easy as letting them know humans live there! Snakes consider this plant scary and like most things scary, they try to keep as far away as possible from such plants. This plant is quite attractive to have around the garden as it dawns a bright yellow blossom that is pleasing to the eye. I definitely do not want any snakes roaming about my yard! I know you don’t like snakes or other crawling animals (reptiles) and you will do anything to keep them out of your environment, surroundings and household. Mar 24, 2015 - Explore Rannde Frederick's board "plants that repel snakes", followed by 254 people on Pinterest. Its smell baffles snakes, and they leave the area instantly. Plants that drives snakes away. As snakes are found in hot and arid regions, you can grow this plant to keep them away from your garden. Mothballs and other bought snake repellents are not compelling. If you are having issues with snakes, plant some lemongrass in your yard. Unless you’ve chosen to put a snake in a clear 20-gallon terrarium, feed it vermin and let it out to slither around, you probably don’t want it in your house.A pet snake is one thing. Keep Chickens. Introduction: Hello gardeners keeping the snakes away from your home is very important and we are here to help you with that. are known for their bright, cheery flowers and their pungent odor, which is said to deter nematodes, insects and even snakes … While scary and dangerous, snakes are useful to the ecosystem. Using a homemade mixture to repel snakes is a good idea if you live in an area heavily populated by snakes. Do Marigolds Keep Snakes Away?. Another way to keep away snakes. plants that keep snakes away, ... plant will be enough consolidated not to make possible for the snakes ... to it. May 14, 2020 - Explore Teresa Gates's board "Plants to keep snakes/pests away", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. While this plant can repel fleas and mosquitos, it’s also good for keeping snakes away. However, in the event you’ve got snakes invading your well-kept garden or getting into your home, there are homemade repellents to keep them away. Honestly just writing about them here gives me the heebie jeebies! Like lemongrass, wormwood (from the genus Artemisia) can help keep snakes away. I mean I don’t even like to look at them. Any variety of basil can keep away spiders, so feel free to keep a few pots around your garden, kitchen, and patio. Snakes will sometimes try to get into chicken coops for the eggs. This attribute makes it one of the best natural snake repellent plants! Snakes aren't something you want anywhere near your home. You can also use vinegar to keep snakes and other pests out of your swimming pool. A snake is a highly dangerous creature that can dwell in your house for so long that you won’t notice its presence. Needless to say, the above snake repellents have been tested and do not work. You can also use its essential oil to keep the snakes away. See more ideas about plants, snake repellant, organic gardening. This easy-to-maintain plant also serves to beautify your surroundings. How to Keep Snakes Away . Plants which deter snakes into the compound. ... Tobacco also helps to do away with snakes; it can be mixed in flower beds. 5. It also has other names, such as Visarpini, Gandhanakuli, Iswarmul and Eswari Chettu. At all! Just keep in mind they are not guaranteed to work but here are a few plants that can help keep them away. The scent of the Yellow Alder will also keep snakes away. As essentials oils are known to keep the snakes at bay, Clove Basil is quite potent! Certain plants like marigold, wormwood, West Indian lemongrass, Pink agapanthus, Indian Snakeroot, Sarpgandha, and garlic are natural repellent against snakes. Its advantage is that it's big and has a smell snakes detest. Viper’s Bowstring Hemp Snake Plant Snakes can’t stand the smell of cinnamon and cloves, making this recipe a great way to keep snakes away from your home. And if you plant garlic, all the better. 4 Natural Plants That Can Keep Snakes Away From Your Residential Area. Although it is nearly impossible to truly keep outdoor spaces snake-free, a few preventative measures might keep them from hanging around. In order from best to least --> Wormwood (Artemisia), Tulbaghia Violacea, West Indian lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus), Sarpgandha (Rauwolfia serpentia) and, Andrographis paniculata. In fact, some of these substances may even attract snakes. How it Works Repelling snakes naturally. These low-maintenance plants put off strong odors. Manufacturers claim they work by emitting a vibration into the surrounding soil that scares snakes away. The best way to get snakes far from the house is to keep your surroundings clean and tidy and stuff like rocks, heaps of wood, and other things that can make a perfect hiding space for them away from your house. See more ideas about Plants, Planting flowers, Outdoor gardens. Check out our article on growing thyme in containers here 15. But, you can use some of your fresh garlic to make a spray that you can spray in the areas you want to try to keep snakes out of. The smell of the plant is quite potent in keeping snakes, fleas, and mosquitoes from your home. Snakes do not actually damage the garden -- in fact, common varieties prey on other pests such as slugs, mice, voles and beetles. Let’s take a look at what plants keep away spiders the best, along with a few other tips for naturally repelling pests. I am terrified of snakes! There are some plants that aren’t ideal for the snake’s habitat and they help to keep snakes away in most cases. This will make you wonder what are the plants that keep snakes away? Snake Plant: Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is a great garden addition as a way to keep snakes away.