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Previous Newsletters

What’s Happening @ the Library

by Roxanne Nelson

I hope all of you are making plans to attend the Panorama Arts Walk on Thursday, Sept. 21st. Remember that your Library will be participating as well! In addition to the various quilts, tapestries, and other artworks on display in our space, we will also be hosting Charles Kasler’s poetry workshop group as they offer recitations of their poems every hour on the hour. Also, our special revolving display for September features books on the arts—photography, painting, sculpture, art history—you name it. So come on by, tour the library if you’ve not been here in a while, ask questions, view the art, listen to the poetry, and maybe even check out a book or three. We’d love to see you!

On behalf of the Library Board of Trustees, we would like to invite all Panorama residents to attend the Panorama Library Association’s annual meeting, to be held this year on Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 2 p.m. in the Quinault’s Seattle Room. This will also be announced later on Kya and on Panorama TV. No need to make a reservation—just show up.

For all you regular readers of The Olympian newspaper in the Library, we assume you are already aware that since July 10th the paper is being delivered through the mail rather than directly to the Quinault. After many emails/phone calls/hair-pulling-out sessions we have managed to get our delivery problems more or less straightened out. Volunteers pick up the daily paper from the Library’s Admin office mailbox and bring it to the Library. Due to the need to wait for mail delivery, mail sorting, and placement in our mailbox, it is normally not available to us before 1 p.m., but we do try to get it on the shelf in the Library as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that The Olympian does not publish a Saturday paper (there’s a Friday/Saturday edition), nor do we have Sunday mail delivery, which means we get both the Sunday and Monday papers on Monday afternoon. I know this is not ideal for any of us, but this is the reality for the local paper these days, and we are making the best of it. Please bear with us while we fix any remaining glitches in the delivery process. And note that the Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times are still being delivered in person and are on the Library shelves early in the morning.

Our monthly Pan Library orientation and tour will be held Friday, Sept. 8th at 2 p.m. Please note that reservations are required, due to space limitations. Whether you’re a brand-new Panorama resident or someone who just hasn’t been to the Library in a while, this session is for you. Learn how to place books on reserve, request we purchase a specific title, search effectively in our online catalog, and lots of other useful tips to help you get the most out of your Library experience. Email or call Roxanne at x5580 to register for this session. If you can’t make it this time, our next presentation will be Oct. 13th (always the second Friday of the month). 

Don’t forget that local author Russ Cahill will be at the Panorama Auditorium on Thursday, Sept. 28th at 1:30 p.m. Russ, who is of Hawaiian ancestry, will speak on the history of Hawaiians in the Northwest. Cahill’s books are in the Panorama library collection. 

If you should find yourself unable to come to the Library—after surgery, maybe, or due to lack of transportation, or limited mobility, or for whatever reason—remember you can always ask for us to deliver books/DVDs/audiobooks to you. If you’re comfortable using a computer, you can log into your Library account, search for books that interest you, place them on reserve, and let us do the rest. We deliver on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and will call you in advance of delivery to make sure you’re at home to receive your books. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can call Roxanne at x5580 or Kathy at x5979 and talk to us about what books/authors appeal to you. We will do our very best to suggest good reads. Also, we will stop by your home to pick up your books when you are finished reading them. Just call the Library at x4005 to let us know. If you have a Panorama friend or neighbor who might benefit from this service, be sure to let them know too. 

Changing of the Guard: This will be my last column as Librarian at Panorama. Kathy Forsythe, who has served as our Assistant Librarian for the last several years, will be stepping into the Librarian position following our annual Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19th. I will take on the role of Assistant Librarian, so will certainly still be around. I want to thank those of you who have offered such generous comments over the years regarding this column and especially about our beloved Pan Library. We think it’s a pretty special place, and it’s good to know so many of you think so too! 

See you around the Library!