Wood Shop


The Panorama Wood Shop is located in the lower level of the Quinault is provided for the use of all interested and qualified residents of Panorama. Qualified users share responsibility for the organization and upkeep of the facility and operate under the oversight of the Panorama Resident Council. Residents are welcome. Users are given an orientation and access is granted after competency demonstrated.

All major power equipment is the property of Panorama which maintains and replaces equipment as needed. Personal tools may be used in the shop but only by their owners. The shop has an assortment of basic hand tools and miscellaneous hardware for common use.

Services: One of the great services that we provide for residents is the work that we do for residents. Ranging from fixing broken chairs to doing some refinishing. We have worked on fixing small item that got broken during a move to working several weeks on repairing and refinishing a table. Please check with us prior to bringing large project to the shop. We occasionally will come to your residents to check out projects if needed.

The shop is managed by resident(s) chosen by the users. They oversee the daily operation, sets the hours and conditions for shop use, and monitors the safe and proper use of the major power tools.

WoodShop Guidelines